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Web-based SkySpark Essentials Training - Next Cycle Starts May 25 - Registration Now Open

Miguel Mauser 20 januari 2020

SkyFoundry Certified Instructor and Partner – CimPro will host the next cycles of training starting on: • Monday 25th of May 2020 • Monday 22nd of June 2020


The training will be presented in two 90-minute sessions per day scheduled at 9.00 and 15.00 (CET), Monday – Friday in one week.

The Web-based Essentials Training class price is 990 list per student.With the courseware divided into 9 sessions a full training cycle will utilize one week of calendar time. Because this is live interactive training, students registering for a class need to plan to attend all sessions in a single cycle. It will not be possible to mix students from different cycles together. Please be sure that you can be available for all sessions in the entire cycle before registering.

Registration is now open for the next cycle starting on Monday May 25.

Register here

The following information provides a detailed review of requirements to attend a web-based training course. Please review to confirm that you can achieve the requirements before registering.

Web-based Training Requirements and Instructions

We want to make sure the training goes smoothly, and everyone gets maximum benefit from the session. To do that we need to make sure everyone is prepared before the training sessions, so please review and follow these instructions in advance.

Module 1 – SELF DIRECTED PREPARATION WORK - Review of SkySpark User Apps and Installation of SkySpark Software

The goal of Module 1 is for the student to have SkySpark installed on their own computer and to have familiarity with the use of all of user oriented Apps (Spark, KPI, Energy and Historian).

Follow these instructions to accomplish that goal:

Requirement 1. Get Familiar with SkySpark.

Attend a SkySpark Deep Dive Demonstration webcast to get a detailed overview of the Apps and core concepts. Contact us for access to a recorded version if it will not be possible to attend a live session (which is preferred). A schedule of our upcoming SkySpark Demonstration webcasts can be found here

Students are expected to utilize the information presented in the live demonstration and the training videos shown below to practice the use of the various SkySpark Apps to achieve competence with the product as a “user” before attending the web-based training sessions. In addition to attending a Demonstration webcast, students should review the selected training videos shown below. Note: You will need a user account on to access these videos (see requirement 2 below).

Section III:

  1. Spark Views
  2. KPI Views
  3. Energy Views
  4. Historian Views

Section IV:

  1. Settings App
  2. Rule Views

Requirement 2

All students need a user account on the SkyFoundry secure site. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need an account or have any trouble accessing your existing account.

Requirement 3

Each student must have their own computer and be able to connect to a licensed copy of SkySpark (either installed on your computer or an accessible remote instance). The training is conducted with the latest version of SkySpark. All students should have the current version installed. The computer should be relatively modern with a current browser (IE 11, Firefox, Safari or Chrome). You must also have local admin rights on your computer to do some of the exercises. We also recommend that students have two monitors connected during the training sessions.

Requirement 4  

Installing SkySpark - Please read and follow the instructions in the Module 1 document found at this link

This document includes instructions for installing SkySpark as well as some pre-session work which will accelerate your understanding of SkySpark and help you get the most out of the class. If you do not have SkySpark loaded on your computer or are not able to connect to a running copy of SkySpark that you will use for the training, please work with your internal SkySpark team or your SkySpark provider, or contact SkyFoundry to get the software loaded on your PC. We are not able to address software installation issues in the live sessions.

Modules 2 through 5 – Live, Instructor Lead Sessions

Modules 2-5 are delivered as live webcast sessions. We recommend having the training materials on your computer ahead of time.

The materials we will be using in the web-based instruction sessions can be found at this link

On the Day of Training:

  • Ensure you have access to a working copy of SkySpark
  • Please arrive before 10 minutes before your scheduled session so we can start on time.

If you have any questions, about this training please contact



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