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Red Lion Crimson 3.20067.0 Release Notes

Acces, collect, connect and visualize data


Release date: 26-09-2023

Here are the enhanced features awaiting you in Crimson 3.2:

Added Support for DA10, DA30,  CR series HMIs and Edge Controllers

System Web Server: Access network configuration and status information without the need for a Windows-based tool.

Support for Personalities: Use a single database across multiple devices, with device-specific information stored in distinct files.

Emulator: Test your configurations on your development PC without the need to download them to the target device.

Integration with Red Lion's SixView® Manager: Centralized device management with status reporting and remote updates.

Enhanced Connectivity: Enjoy improved Aveva™ and Cumulocity cloud connectors, along with an upgraded DNP3 driver for easier consolidation of outstation data.

Integration with RADIUS Servers: Centralized user management made easy.

Een volledige beschrijving van de release notes kun je opvragen via: support@cimpro.com.



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