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Red Lion Crimson 3.2.1016 Release Notes

Acces, collect, connect and visualize data


Release date: 03-24-2024

This update addresses a critical issue with timestamps on data, alarm, and event logs, ensuring accurate record keeping.

In addition to the timestamp fix, this update also offers several enhancements to improve your device's performance and functionality, including:

  • Enhanced diagnostic abilities by automatically saving syslog to an SD card. This feature will allow users to archive syslog files to the SD card for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Added feature to automatically transfer files from internal memory or SD card to thumb drive for FlexEdge devices.
  • Added import/export mapping for multiple gateway blocks.  Unicode text files or CSV files can be used to import/export gateway block mapping. This will enhance ease of use for protocol conversion.
  • Redesigned the cloud connector section to allow random service mixes. This will allow users to have more than one instance of the same connector.
  • Added ability to purge all unused data tags at once.
  • Added TLS support for Raw TCP/IP Active driver.
  • Numerous updates to OPC UA Client and Server. 

Een volledige beschrijving van de release notes kun je opvragen via: support@cimpro.com.



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