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TWinSoft Release Notes



Release date: 24-02-2023


  • Severall Security fixes
  • New MS-GSM-4W modem for TBox MS
  • New 4G modem for LT2 and TG2
  • SFTP using SSH key
  • Self-Signed Certificate
  • Hostname is optional and configured from RTU properties
  • A DNS configuration is possible with Windows without running a DNS server, using the file “hosts”
    (without extension)
  • Use Hostname in a Browser
  • In TConnect, Hostname in Outstation configuration
  • In TConnect, First Notification: “Certificate validation”
  • In TConnect, Second Notification: “Registration”
  • TBox can generate its unique QR code.
  • System Variable OverdConfig
  • Severall fixes and enhancements

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